What I Learned in Brooklyn is Don't Behave


Coral Springs Center for the Arts, Coral Springs, FL
Directed and Written by Steve Marshall

In  Brooklyn there were Jews, Italians, Irish, Blacks and Puerto Ricans.   Steve wanted to be an Italian.  Italian guys were cool, drove nice cars  and had the most beautiful girls.  Steve was Jewish, he had a stamp  collection.  After graduating college, Steve took his accounting  diploma, his stamp collection, and his two month supply of Benadryl and  moved back to Brooklyn to do what he loved most - make people laugh.

Marshall  is a gifted writer, accomplished director, talented actor and a  brilliant standup comedian.  come spend an evening with comedian Steve  Marshall as he shares his heartfelt (but extremely humorous) stories  about sex, ethnicity and being the only Jew in his family.  Steve  realized the only way to get the real me out - "Don't Behave." 

Nobody Told Me


Off Off Broadway
Directed and Written by Steve Marshall

The audience is always the first to laugh when Steve is the last to know.