The Girl Behind the White Picket Fence

 Directed by Stefanie Schneider.   An artist's world of moving stills, "The Girl Behind the White Picket  Fence" is a succession of Polaroid film stills.  One after another, this  film takes this to the limit and still delivers.  Flowing with the  rhythm of the music or in the energy the film portrays.  This is a one  off, a complete window into an artists mind as she sees the world.   Sunny, hot, in love, open spaces evoking freedom but also banishment.   

The Open Show - CNBC

79-One Minute Commercials

Steve played Neal Price, an anal-retentive bookkeeper who lived at home  with his mother until he embarks on a journey across America to discover  a unique sound to "Open" Archipelago's Exchange. 

My Friends Think I'm Funny

Steve stars in the episodic web series "My Friends Think I'm Funny." 

Flowers and Chocolate


Steve plays the lead in a self-written play that asks the question "What is romance?"